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California Legislative History: Home

This guide provides an overview of California legislative history materials available at Rains Library, as well as a how-to guide to perform your own legislative history.

Starting Out

This guide provides an overview to key legislative history resources available at Rains Library.

Potential legislative researchers should be aware that performing a California legislative history can be a time-consuming process. Researching legislative history materials may involve consulting a myriad of sources in print and online. You may also need to check for relevant documents at various state offices.

The resources available at Rains Library will help you begin the legislative history research process, but you'll likely need to seek out additional resources for an exhaustive legislative history. (See "Next Steps" section for a list of resources.) For additional guidance, please consult the Research Guides listed on the right.

This guide does not discuss California Ballot Measures; for more information on this topic, please click here.

Research Guides

This guide focuses on locating resources at Rains Library. For a more in-depth coverage of how to perform a complete California legislative history, you may also wish to check out the following research guides: