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U.S. Immigration Law Research Guide: Law Reviews

This research guide provides an overview of pertinent resources for the Immigrant Advocacy Concentration at Loyola Law School and immigration law practice generally.

Law Reviews on Immigration

Finding Law Review Articles

When looking for law review articles, you'll want to check multiple databases to make sure you have broad coverage of diverse sources. 

Searching for Law Review Articles Generally

Lexis and Westlaw both have dedicated databases to search for immigration-related legal scholarship.  If you are short on time, check these sources first.​

You'll also want to search for immigration terms in Westlaw's JLR database (Journals & Law Reviews) and LexisNexis' Law Reviews, CLE, Legal Journals & Periodicals Combined (LGLPUB).

If you need PDF versions of articles, go to HeinOnline and insert your citation to download a PDF document of the original artlcle.

Depending on your focus, you may also want to conduct searches in the following sources to round out your search:

Finally, you should reference annotations to any statutory provisions you're using to see if there are any law review articles cited.