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Why Start with a Guide?

Court filings usually involve putting together multiple components, each of which must be properly formatted and filed by the correct deadline.

For example, to file a motion, you might need to assemble:

  • The motion itself
  • A supporting memorandum of points and authorities
  • Supporting factual documents
  • A proposed order granting the motion
  • Notice of the motion for the opposing party 
  • Proof of service showing you gave notice to the opposing party

Guides can help you put together the right components, in the right format, by the correct deadline.

Multi-jurisdictional Guides

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California Civil Procedure Guides- Pre-Trial

California Civil Procedure Guides- Trials

California Civil Procedure Guides- Appeals

California Criminal Procedure Guides

Federal Procedure Guides- Civil and Criminal Procedure

Court websites also provide guidance on procedure:

Federal Procedure Guides- Civil Procedure Only