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Entertainment & Media Law

Current Federal Regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations

Current regulations by federal agencies are organized by topic and agency in the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) For research, access the C.F.R. on Lexis or Westlaw because they provide:

  • Annotations: Brief notes by Lexis and Westlaw staff identifying the most significant cases and other sources about the regulation. Found after the text of each regulation in print and on Lexis and under the Notes of Decision and Context & Analysis tabs on Westlaw.
  • Citators: Tools that automatically search for additional cases and other sources that cite the regulation. Found by clicking the Shepardize link in the right sidebar on Lexis and the Citing References tab on Westlaw.

For federal regulations relevant to entertainment law, see:

HeinOnline provides complete historical copies of the CFR dating back to its first publication. Westlaw provides historical copies dating back to 1984 by clicking Code of Federal Regulations - Historical in the right sidebar. Lexis provides historical copies dating back to 1981 by accessing an individual regulation and then clicking Archived code versions in the right sidebar.

Proposed Federal Regulations in the Federal Register

Before adding a regulation to the C.F.R., agencies must first publish notice of the regulation in the Federal Register. 

The U.S. government's website maintains lists of:

Including lists of:

Complete historical copies of the Federal Register dating back to its first publication in 1936 are available from a variety of sources, including HeinOnline, Lexis, and Westlaw. However, the easiest way to access complete historical copies of the Federal Register is on the free govinfo website provided by the U.S. Government Publishing Office:

California Regulations

Current regulations by California agencies are published by topic and agency in the California Code of Regulations (Cal. Code Regs.) There is no annotated version of the Cal. Code Regs. and, although Westlaw and Bloomberg provide citators, the citators typically only  identify a small number citing sources for the most significant regulations, so it is less important which version you use.

For California regulations relevant to entertainment law, see:

Before adding a notice to the Cal. Code Regs., California agencies must first publish a notice of the regulation on their website and in the California Regulatory Notice Register: