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Bar Exam and MPRE: Bar Prep Courses

Quick Links for Bar Prep Courses

Bar Prep Courses

Types of Bar Prep Courses

  • Most students choose to purchase a comprehensive bar prep course that includes video lectures, outlines, and practice tests that the bar prep company will grade for you.
  • Students may also choose to purchase supplementary courses that focus specifically on the MBE, focus specifically on the essay or performance tests, or provide personal tutoring.

Cost of Bar Prep Courses

  • The most popular comprehensive courses are Barbri, Kaplan, and Themis.
  • As of March 2019, Barbri's course costs about  $3,795 and Kaplan's and Themis' courses cost between $2250 and $2500.

Self Study

  • Some students choose to self study using old bar prep materials borrowed from friends; purchased from Amazon or eBay; or on reserve at the library.
  • Students who self study can read the outlines and complete the practice tests but will not be able to view the lectures or submit practice tests for grading.