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International Arbitration: Decisions

Strategies for Locating Arbitration Decisions

Arbitration decisions are private dispute resolutions, available only if the arbitrator or parties make them available. This means:

  • Many are not available at all
  • Many are available only as summaries, not full text

Additionally, there is no systematic method for publishing arbitration decisions. The arbitration decisions that are available are scattered across a variety of websites and print sources.

When searching for arbitration decisions, be prepared for the possibility that you may need to check multiple websites and print sources and ultimately may not be able to find the decision.

To check for arbitration decisions try the following sources:

  • The website for the arbitral institution. If you know that a specific institution made the decision, their website is usually the most likely and trustworthy source of the decision.
  • Other collections of arbitral decisions, listed in the box Collections of Arbitral Decisions.
  • Any related dockets and court filings. When parties sue to enforce or dispute an arbitration award, they often include arbitration materials in their public court filings.
  • Parties' websites.
  • Scholarly and news articles, which may reproduce the decision or provide you with a citation to a specific website or print publication.

Collections of Arbitration Decisions