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CISG and the VIS Moot: Decisions Interpreting CISG

Decisions Interpreting CISG

Because CISG governs international contracts, decisions interpreting it have been made by scores of foreign courts and arbitral tribunals. Several organizations have created tools to help researchers sort through them all. 

UNCITRAL regularly publishes short reports called Case Law on UNCITRAL Texts (CLOUT). Each report provides abstracts (short summaries) for roughly a dozen decisions interpreting CISG or other UNCITRAL drafted texts. Each decision is assigned its own unique CLOUT number for identification.

The CLOUT reports serve as the basis for two UNCITRAL tools that are excellent starting points for locating decisions on CISG:

Other organizations provide additional tools for locating decisions on CISG:

Generally, Pace's database provides the most comprehensive search and content but most databases link extensively to material on other databases and each database's coverage varies slightly. The best bet is to check UNCITRAL's CISG Digest, Pace, and UNILEX.

Pace's CISG search incorporates an earlier thesaurus and index created by UNCITRAL. Pace's search is the best way to access the thesaurus and index because it is the most current version and provides direct links to each decision. However, an earlier version of the thesaurus and index can also be accessed in PDF form on the UNCITRAL website: