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Cybercrime Law Research Guide

This research guide identifies resources and organizations related to cybercrime and cybersecurity.

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Introduction to Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy

What are cybercrime, cybersecurity, and data privacy?

  • Cybercrime is criminal activity involving a computer or networked device, such as a mobile phone.
  • Cybersecurity refers to the technologies, process and practices aimed at protecting networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.  
  • Data privacy or information privacy concerns the privacy of personal information as it relates to personal data stored on computer systems.

This research guide aims to provide a list of resources that are available for the study of issues related to cybercrime, cybersecurity, and data privacy. It includes secondary and primary legal sources at the federal and state level, as well as non-legal resources published by academic institutions and advocacy organizations.  As issues related to cybercrime are also of international concern, this guide identifies and links to material published by international and non-governmental institutions. The resources described in this guide are a mixture of materials: some available in the William M. Rains Library collection here at Loyola Law School and some that that are freely available on the internet.

This research guide is designed to support students in the Master of Science in Legal Studies program at Loyola Law School who are specializing in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.

Note about terminology: One thing that cybercrime, cybersecurity, and data privacy have in common is they all involve computers. This research guide will primarily use the terms cybercrimecybersecurity, and data privacy, however, these topics could also be referred to as computer crime and internet crime. Keep this in mind when doing research and vary your search terms.