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Fall 2022 Course Reserves Digital Access: Home

Digital access to required reading materials for Fall 2022 classes


This guide will be updated as the library acquires access to more digital materials. Please check frequently for new additions. 

Fall 2022 Course Reserves Digital Access - Only includes list of titles available in Ebook or other digital format

American Legal Research and Writing for Foreign Attorneys - Professor Selan/Riordan

Appellate Advocacy - Professor Sheen/Tyler/Delfino/Posadas

Business Associations - Professor Berdejo

Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing - Professor Trevino, Ehrlich, Kim

California Civil Procedure: Practice and Procedure - Professor Grossi

Civil Litigation Practice I - Professor Grossi/Riordan

Conciliation & Mediation Assistance Clinic at the Center for Conflict Resolution - Professor Campos

Constitutional Law - Professor Grossi

Contracts - Professor Pratt

Criminal Law - Professor Levenson/Buckingham

Criminal Procedure - Professor Lapp/Strauss

Cyber Security and Regulatory Compliance - Professor Avila

Dependency Court Mediation Assistance Clinic - Professor Campos

Employment Discrimination Law - Professor Green

Ethical Lawyering - Professor Boylan

Ethical Lawyering - Professor King

Evidence - Professor Gold/Williams

Evidence - Professor Miller

Federal Income Taxation - Professor Pratt

First Amendment: Freedom of Expression - Professor Levinson

Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing - Professor Bakhshian

Health Law and Policy - Professor Clark

Hobbs/Poehls Trial Advocacy - Professor Poehls

Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates - Professor Dimashkieh Manasfi

Innovation and Transformation in Legal Service Delivery - Professor Chopra

International Taxation I - Professor Hoose

Introduction to Negotiations - Professor Levy

Landlord Tenant Clinic I: Advocacy Basics - Professor Novasky

Land Use Regulation - Professor Petherbridge

Law and Process: Privacy Torts - Professor Buhai

Law of Sales: Domestic and International - Professor Hull

Law of War Seminar - Professor Glazier

Legal Research and Writing- Professor Winograd

Legal Research and Writing- Professor Lyons

Legal Research and Writing- Professor Hill

Legal Research and Writing- Professor King

Legal Researching and Writing - Professor Levin

Legal Research and Writing - Professor Der

Legal Research and Writing - Professor Slavinskiy

Marital Property- Professor Spirito

Mediation Advocacy - Professor Campos

Mergers and Acquisitions - Professor Lochner

Property - Professor Hull

Property - Professor Jurow Kleiman

National Security and Data Privacy - Professor Chiu

Race, Class, and Criminal Justice - Professor Buckingham

Racial Justice and Public Defense - Professor Mattern

Special Education Advocacy Law and Practice - Professor Stanton-Trehan

Technology and Privacy - Professor Nockleby

Trademark Law - Professor Hughes

Trial Advocacy - Professor Buckley

Trial Advocacy - Professor Walker-Probst

Trusts and Wills - Professor Green

Questions and Technical Support

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