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Fall 2023 Course Reserves Digital Access: Home

Provides descriptions of and links to the digital resources available for course reserves, for the Fall 2023 semester.

Note: This guide will be continuously updated as the library acquires access to more digital materials.  Please check back frequently for new additions.

Fall 2023 Course Reserves: Digital Access

This guide only contains titles available in Ebook or other digital formats.


American Legal Research & Writing for Foreign Attorneys - Professors Riordan, Selan


Antitrust and Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy - Professor Dixton


Appellate Advocacy - Professors Barak, Buhai, Delfino, Vogel, Young


Business Associations - Professor Maynard


Business Planning I - Professors Bronner, Ehrlic, Martin


Byrne Trial Advocacy Team – Professor Poehls


Civil Procedure - Professor Bornstein

Civil Procedure - Professor Caplan

Civil Procedure - Professor Ides


Constitutional Law – Professor Caplan


Contracts - Professor Hull

Contracts – Professor Pratt


Criminal Law - Professors Levenson, Murray

Criminal Law – Professor Serota


Criminal Procedure – Professor Levenson

Criminal Procedure – Professor Miller


Cyber Security and Regulatory Compliance - Professor Sawyer


Ethical Lawyering - Professor Hill

Ethical Lawyering - Professor Lopez

Ethical Lawyering - Professors King, Slavinsky


Evidence - Professors Gold, Williams


Federal Income Taxation – Professor Dimashkieh


Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing – Professor Bakhshian and Boylan


Hobbs/Poehls Trial Advocacy - Professor Poehls


Income Tax Timing Issues – Professor Kowal


Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates - Professor Dimashkieh Manasfi


International Taxation I and II - Professor Laemmle


Introduction to Negotiations - Professor Levy


Landlord Tenant Clinic I: Advocacy Basics - Professor Borkin


Law and Literature - Professor Murray


Law and Process: Privacy Torts - Professor Levinson


Law of War Seminar – Professor Glazier


Legal Research and Writing – Professor Bakhshian

Legal Research and Writing – Professor Burzynski

Legal Research and Writing – Professor Der

Legal Research and Writing – Professors Hill, Slavinskiy

Legal Research and Writing – Professor Kehlmann

Legal Research and Writing – Professors Levin, Tan

Legal Research and Writing – Professor Lyons


Marital Property – Professor Costello

Marital Property – Professor Macksoud


Mediation – Professor Campos


Mergers and Acquisitions – Professor Maynard


National Security and Data Privacy – Professor Chiu


Ninth Circuit Appellate Clinic – Professor Kehlmann


Property – Professor Motomura

Property – Professor Trisolini


Racial Justice and Public Defense – Professor Mattern


Remedies – Professor Borenstein


Reparations: Theory and Law – Professor Miller


RISE Clinic Seminar- Professor Richard


Special Education Advocacy Law and Practice – Professor Stanton-Trehan


The Asian American Legal Experience – Professor Matsumura


Trademark Law – Professor Hughes


Trial Advocacy – Professors Hicks, Von Helmolt


Trusts and Wills - Professor Schomer