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Treaties: Text of U.S. Treaties

Quick Retrieval of the Text of U.S. Treaties

Over the years, U.S. treaties have been published in variety of different publications, some official and some unofficial. HeinOnline has scanned the majority of these publications, allowing you to quickly retrieve most U.S. treaties by citation using the:

For a video how to, see the Video tab.

For more details on what each citation means, see below.

Current Official U.S. Treaty Publications: T.I.A.S. and U.S.T.

Under its current system, the U.S. first publishes treaties as individual pamphlets assigned Treaties and Other International Acts Series (T.I.A.S.) numbers, then republishes them more permanently in U.S. Treaties and Other International Agreements (U.S.T.), a large set of print volumes publishing U.S. treaties by date.

Early Official U.S. Treaty Publications: T.S., E.A.S., and Stat.

Prior to adopting its current system, the U.S. first published treaties as individual pamphlets assigned Treaty Series (T.S.) or Executive Agreement Series (E.A.S.) numbers, then republished them more permanently in the Statutes at Large (Stat.), a large set of print volumes that publishes U.S. statutes by date.

Current Unofficial U.S. Treaty Publications: KAV, C.T.I.A., and I.L.M.

Modern U.S. treaties may also be unofficially published in one or more of the following sources:

Early Unofficial U.S. Treaty Publications: Bevans, Malloy, Miller, and Wiktor

A few early international law scholars undertook projects to compile print collections of historical U.S. treaties. Most of these collections have since been scanned and made available on HeinOnline. Each collection is generally cited and referred to by the name of its compiler (e.g. Bevans, Malloy, and Miller.) 

The most comprehensive collection is:

Earlier precursors to Bevans were:

Generally, treaties published in Malloy and Miller were subsequently republished in Bevans.

Additional treaties not included in Bevans, Malloy, or Miller may be found in: