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Using the Library Catalog

This research guide will help you utilize the new LLS catalog and discovery layer, Primo VE.

Search Scope: LLS Catalog

By default, the catalog searches for print and electronic materials held by the Rains Law Library (LLS library). Begin at the law library homepage. Simply enter your search terms and click on Search.

Search the law library catalog from the LLS library homepage

As you conduct searches, you may change your search scope (see below for options). If you want to return to searching only for print and electronic materials held by the law library*, you can select the LLS Catalog as a scope from the drop-down box next to your search: 

LLS Catalog scope from drop-down

Or you can select it as a scope from the drop-down box below your search: 

Primo search scopes drop down box

*Results will include materials held by the Hannon Library in Westchester if the item is owned by both libraries.

Search Scope: LMU + LLS Catalogs

You can search for print and electronic materials at both the William H. Hannon Library at the Westchester campus (LMU library) and the Rains Law Library (LLS library) simultaneously. Begin your search from the library homepage, as above. Then select LMU + LLS Catalogs from the drop-down box: 

LMU + LLS search scope

Or you can select LMU + LLS Catalogs as the search scope from the drop-down box below your search:

Primo search scopes

Search Scope: Course Reserves

You can search for materials held in Course Reserves at the Rains Law Library. Begin your search from the library homepage. Click on the link for Course Reserves: 

Course Reserves link on main page

You can also access Course Reserves search scope through the drop-down boxes next to or below your search, or by clicking on the tab above the search box: 

Course Reserve search scope

For more information, see "Accessing Course Reserves" in this guide. 

Filter Your Results

After you run a search, utilize the filters* on the left to narrow your results. 

Primo filters

*The available filters will vary depending on your search scope (e.g. if you search Course Reserves, filters include "Course Instructor" and "Course Name," but not "Language" or "Genre")