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Legal News and Current Awareness

This guide describes resources for researching legal news and general news.

Introduction: Legal News

This page identifies sources to keep up to date on the developments in the law and in the legal profession.

Newspapers, Magazines, and Websites

National Legal Newspapers

California Legal Newspapers

Los Angeles Legal Newspapers

Other City Legal Newspapers

Introduction: Magazines

Because magazines often have a less frequent publication schedule than newspapers, they tend to focus more on longer feature stories and less on breaking news developments. In addition, magazines often place more emphasis on the legal profession than on the law itself.

Introduction: Websites

It's difficult to summarize legal news websites,  because there are so many different types of sites. There are "hard news" sites, like JURIST, that operate much like newspapers and provide breaking news coverage of developments in the law. There are also many legal affairs correspondents working for mainstream media outlets, like Dahlia Lithwick, who publish more analytical stories about the legal system that are intended for readers beyond the legal community. There are also a multitude of blogs, such as SCOTUSblog, that operate more independently, often will less editorial restraints than more mainstream outlets. This lack of restraints occasionally results in less credible coverage, but it also allows writers the freedom to cover stories that the more established publications ignore and to do so in a far more detailed manner.

General Legal News

Legal Affairs Correspondents