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United Nations: Meeting Records and Votes

UN Meeting Records

UN bodies issue several types of meeting records:

  • Verbatim transcripts, indicated by the document symbol PV for procès verbaux. Verbatim transcripts are issued for:
    • Plenary meetings of the General Assembly
    • General Assembly First Committee meetings
    • Open formal Security Council meetings
  • Detailed summaries of meetings, indicated by the document symbol SR for summary records. Summary records are issued for:
    • Meetings of the General Assembly's Second through Sixth Committees
    • Plenary meetings of ECOSCO
  • Communiqués, brief summaries of meetings also indicated by the document symbol PV for procès verbaux. Communiqués are issued by the Security Council following closed formal meetings. 

If you'd like to find speeches by country, you can also try:

Finally, you can search the full text of meeting records on the UN Digital Library by filtering your search to meeting records:

Meeting records are not issued for every meeting of every UN body. In particular:

  • The Security Council does not issue records for informal meetings. Instead, it participates in a press conference called a "media stakeout" immediately following the meeting. 
  • ECOSOC subsidiary bodies do not issue meeting records. However, they may issue press releases summarizing their meetings.

If there are no meeting records, you will instead need to learn about the meeting through any relevant agendas, drafts, reports, and press coverage. For many recent meetings, the UN also provides free online video of the meeting or subsequent press conference:

UN Voting Records

The best starting points for searching for votes are UNBISnet and the UN Documents Library:

For recent votes, both databases will generally provide a roll call vote, identifying each country's yes or no vote. For older votes, the databases may only provide summaries of the total yes and no votes. In some cases, this is because the resolution was passed by acclamation- i.e. a voice vote or show of hands at which a formal roll call was not taken. In other cases, there may have been a roll call vote that is simply not recorded in UNBISnet or the UN Document Library. You may be able to find the roll call from these sources instead: