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Researching Firms and Judges: Analytics for Judges and Law Firms

Analytics for Judges and Attorneys

An increasing number of databases provide detailed analytics on cases being handled by attorneys, law firms, and judges:

There are also several more comprehensive analytics tools that the Loyola library does not subscribe to but that your firm might subscribe to in practice:

Directly Searching Cases by Judges and Attorneys

Because analytics are pricey, many firms do not include them in their Lexis and Westlaw subscriptions or may discourage associates from using them unless necessary. For a cheaper alternative, you can always search cases directly by accessing Cases > Advanced (on Westlaw) or Cases > Advanced Search (on Lexis). This will provide a form with fields that allow you to search for all cases by a specific judge or attorney.


For best results:

  • Search the names of law firms in quotes, including only the minimum information necessary to retrieve the law firm. For example, search "Perkins Coie" not "Perkins Coie LLP" to ensure that you do not miss cases that omit the LLP or write "Perkins Coie, LLP".
  • Search the names of attorneys and judges with a /3 between the first and last name (e.g. Otis /3 Wright). This tells the database to search for the first name within three words of the last name, allowing you to find all results, whether or not they omit or include the middle name and whether or not they place the family name first (e.g. Otis Wright) or last (e.g. Wright, Otis).
  • If you are not finding results for a judge, search only the judge's last name. Some cases will omit the judge's first name.