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Researching Firms and Judges: Researching Judges

The Best Place to Start: The Court Website

Most judges post standing orders on the court's website. These orders cover everything from when and how to deliver their paper "chambers copy" of electronically filed documents, to when they hear specific types of motions, to how not to irritate them during a telephone appearance.

In most cases, the judge's standing orders can be quickly retrieved by Googling the name of the judge or court and the words standing orders. Standing orders for judges in the Central District of California federal trial court located in Los Angeles are available at:

Standing orders on the Los Angeles Superior Court website can be trickier to find:

Judicial Profiles

Many publishers write profiles of judges based on interviews with the judges themselves and attorneys who have appeared before them. Not every series of profiles includes every judge and different profile series may provide different perspectives on the same judge, so it's often helpful to check more than one series. Popular judicial profile series include:

State Judicial Clerkship Guide