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Prepare to Practice Series

Legal Writing Resources

How do you write a demurrer? How do you draft requests for production? What's a motion in limine? Legal writing can feel intimidating at first, but there are lots of resources available in the following guides. 

  • Legal Drafting - The library's research guide to writing mechanics and legal writing for practitioners. 
  • Academic Legal Writing - The library's research guide to writing academic papers on the law.
  • Bluebooking and Legal Citation - The library's research guide to using the Bluebook. 
  • Forms - The library's research guide on forms, including letters, motions, and discovery

If you are practicing in a law firm, you'll likely have access to previous letters, motions, complaints, settlement agreements etc. written by your colleagues. These are great resources to model as you draft! 

Grammar Resources

Poor grammar can make even the most thoroughly researched memo look unprofessional and sloppy. Confounded by commas? Can't remember what a semicolon is? Brush up on English grammar with one of these guides.