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Research Assistant: Library Catalog


Catalog Basics

The library catalog is the database of titles and materials held by the university. Predictably, the law school collection has a legal focus; the LMU Hannon Library has a significantly larger collection, but with little legal coverage. Because RAs are frequently asked to perform research outside of, or adjacent to law, the Hannon catalog may be a useful tool, especially in the sciences and social sciences.

Which Catalog to Search?

Users can search either catalog independently, or both catalogs simultaneously. By default, searches are originating from the Rain's Library homepage default to law school materials. Users can search both catalogs via the link directly below the search box on the library homepage. Unless you intend on restricting search results to items held on the law school campus, searching both catalogs is recommended.

Search tips:

Initial filters are available in the drop down menu. As a general rule, keyword searches are going to capture more and be less exact than some other category filters. If you are seeking a book written by Justice Breyer, choosing Author as your search filter is a good idea. If you are looking for books about Justice Breyer, Title or Keyword may be better bets. Advanced searches are also possible by clicking Advanced Search, just under the search box.  You can get additional search tips on the library website.

Locating Items:

As you review results, take care to note the icons on the lefthand side of the screen. These indicate whether the item is held in print or electronically. Print materials will also indicate whether they are held in the Rains library "Law Stacks" or Hannon library, "Main Stacks."

Additional Catalogs

In addition to the LLS and LMU catalogs, these catalogs may provide additional coverage for materials not held by Loyola libraries.