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Monday-Friday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Please feel free to call or email us (below) for assistance. If you have a larger research question, please contact us to set up an in-person or Zoom appointment.

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Getting Started

As a faculty research assistant (RA), you will work extensively with the Rains (LLS) and Hannon (LMU) Libraries as you research faculty requests. This guide covers library and research fundamentals that are relevant to RAs.

  • This guide does not contain significant substantive research advice on individual topics. For substantive research advice (e.g., legislative history), look to our extensive libguide collection located on the main library page, or by clicking here. You can also find helpful libguides published by other institutions by searching for "[topic] law libguide" at Google or other public search engines. A selection of popular guides are below.
  • Reference librarians are also available to assist you with research challenges, contact details available to the left.



Where can I scan documents?

How do I pay for printing related to research projects?

  • Speak to the faculty member you work for directly regarding print credits.

Am I able to use my student Westlaw/Lexis/Bloomberg accounts for RA work?

  • You may use your existing accounts, and you are automatically granted access for the entire summer.

Whose account should books be checked out under?

  • Ebooks may be accessed from your account; see "Borrowing" above for information on checking out print materials to your professor's account.

How can I access the New York Times or Washington Post?

  • See the LLS database page for access to these sites. (You can also access NYT Games as a student!)
  • Many other newspapers and periodicals can be accessed on-campus through LMU's ProQuest Central


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