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Public International Law: Secondary Sources

Books on Public International Law

For more treatises, consult a research guide or check:

Restatements and Other American Law Institute Publications

The American Law Institute (ALI) is an organization of prominent American legal scholars who publish restatements (summaries) of U.S. case law on a wide variety of topics. Because ALI is generally written by U.S. scholars with an emphasis on U.S. law, international courts and tribunals are less likely to find its works persuasive but U.S. courts find its work extremely persuasive and the U.S. Supreme Court routinely cites the Restatements on international law issues.

Restatements on international law include:

In addition to the Restatements, ALI produces other legal publications covering international law issues:

Journal Articles on International Law

Many journal articles on international law can be found the same way you would find any journal article, by searching Legal Source, HeinOnline, Lexis, and Westlaw:

However, for even more in-depth coverage specifically of foreign and international law, you should also check:

For more guidance on locating journal articles, please see: