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Perma creates a permanent, archived version of a website for your citation. It generates a permanent URL to this archived version so that future users can access the website. 

To obtain a Perma account, you'll need to contact an existing user from your journal (likely your editors). Your editor can then set up a new account for you so that you can create Perma links for the journal. Your journal may have particular folders and subfolders for links. 

Generating a permanent URL with Perma is straightforward. Log in to and copy and paste your target URL into the box. Select your journal from the drop down. Click on Create a Perma Link. Review the versions of the website that Perma has captured to ensure that the information you are attempting archive has been captured. If the capture looks good, you're done! 

Please note that some website already have permanent URL. For example, DOIs and Handles (.doi and .handle) indicate permanent URLs. No need to set up a Perma link for these! 

Perma Link Error Message does not work with some pages as those pages view the system as a bot. If you come across such a page, you will receive an error message when you attempt to generate a perma link. In such a case, save the page as a PDF, then upload that PDF to 

For a walkthrough of this workaround, please view the attached workflow here: Creating a Perma Link from a PDF