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About This Guide

This guide is for law review staffers and editors. It covers source collection, using, library resources, and preemption checking. 

If you have questions about legal research or need help tracking down a difficult to find source, please reach out to reference. 

About Source Collecting

In addition to telling you how to cite sources, the Bluebook tells you which versions of the sources to cite. Most law reviews require their members to go through each article the law review publishes and retrieve every cited source in the Bluebook-approved version, a process known as "source collecting" or "cite checking."

This guide describes the basic Bluebook rules for acceptable sources and tells you where to find them. However, always keep in mind that your law review may have more or less stringent rules. Your law review's rules always trump the Bluebook rules and, if the information here is different from what your editor has requested, you should defer to your editor.

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