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Dockets, Court Documents, Transcripts, and Recordings

Transcripts and Recordings for Multiple Courts

The resources below provide transcripts or recordings of arguments before multiple federal and state courts:

California Transcripts and Recordings

The California Supreme Court has recently begun posting its oral arguments for free:

Federal Transcripts and Recordings

Most federal courts post any available transcripts and audio to PACER, where they can be retrieved like any other court documents using Bloomberg (if you are a law student or faculty member) or an individual PACER account (if you are not.) Try searching the docket for the keyword transcript or transcripts to locate them.

However, keep in mind the following restrictions:

  • Usually, trial court cases are only transcribed or recorded if one of the parties specifically asks for a court reporter to do so.
  • It may take the court reporter a month or more to complete and file the final transcript on PACER. The transcript will be listed on the docket under the date the reporter filed it, which is often later than the date of the trial or hearing.
  • Once the transcript is filed, it is typically locked for another month or more. During the lock period, the transcript can only be viewed by visiting the court in person or purchasing the transcript directly from the court reporter. 
  • Audio recordings have only been posted to PACER since 2010 and some courts still require audio to be purchased from the court reporter.
  • Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 53 virtually always prohibits video and audio recordings of criminal trial court cases.

Fortunately, a few courts have begun making transcripts and recordings more widely available on their websites. Try these starting points:

Accessing Transcripts on Bloomberg Law